A. Andrew Gonzalez “Contemporary Tantric or Transfigurative art”

A. Andrew Gonzalez Seraphim Awakening 19 x 24 inches Acrylic on Panel 1996

A. Andrew Gonzalez (Born October 13, 1963) … his work primarily dealing with erotic Visionary Art. His artist father, Anthony A. Gonzalez, encouraged his early interest in drawing and painting, but gave him no formal training. His painting style and topic are inspired by William Blake‘s The Whirlwind of Lovers: Paolo and Francesca….describes his work as a contemporary Tantric or Transfigurative art that explores the dramatic union of the sensual and spiritual.

Visionary Art Manifesto

“The history of Visionary art is characterized by the attempt to find a new visual language – a language that may overcome the inherent contradiction (of seeing what cannot be seen) and express in visual form the ‘supra-visual’ or, as we might say in French, le ‘sur-visuel’. In such a language, the images of art, myth, and dream interfuse, different cultural symbols combine, and new forms are found so as to express the resulting vision — be that sacred, psychedelic, esoteric, oneiric, occult, alternative, archetypal, primitive, transpersonal, fantastic or – as it sometimes happens – surreal.”

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