Ray Caesar – “The Fine Art of Low Brow”

Ray Caesar Suddenly Digital Ultrachrome on Panel

Ray Caesar "Suddenly" Digital Ultrachrome on Panel

The exultation exhibited in “Suddenly” seems to thrive in contrast to the base, political, and bourgeouis theming common to most within the Lowbrow movement. The very rebellion against the bourgeousie seems to identify the hipster attitude prevalent, and define it. The Lowbrow and hipster does not escape that which it condemns, but rather strengthens the meaning of it, and becomes what it is because of it, not in spite of it. It is an argument pleased with itself, that smiles on the conflict, a movement that would wither and die without the adversity, a movement without meaning in itself. An animal feasting on its own intestines. Strangely enough, that is an image that suits.

In “Suddenly”, one of Caesar’s more powerful pieces, the subject is imbued with the surprise of a gentle caress, a wind impregnating and pleasuring with erotic tingles of spirit, a celebration of femininity and maternity, a subtle entrance into the divine. The escape from the mundane and lowly is what sets this piece apart from the movement and emphasizes a distinction between Lowbrow and Pop Surrealism.

See Ray Caeser’s website here.

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