Maya Lin – “A Spiritualized Geometry”

Maya Lin Systematic Landscapes Avalanche 1998

Maya Lin: Systematic Landscapes "Avalanche" 1998

“What interested Frank Lloyd Wright in Japanese art was its reliance on the “conventionalization of nature,” by which he meant a process of simplifying natural forms down to an essential geometry. If one is willing to accept a certain turn-of-the-century mysticism — Wright believed such geometry expressed the “soul” of natural forms — Wright’s text makes for enlightening reading. it helps us to understand how such “conventionalization” provided him with the key to deriving architectural forms from the dramatic sweep and bold configurations of the American landscape without merely imitating them.

…where Wright found his version of nature’s soul in a spiritualized geometry, Lin distills form and material according to the underlying laws of physical science. Over the years, she has found inspiration by working with computer-enhanced imaging, aerial and satellite photography, topographic mapping and the principles of fluid dynamics. Lin’s liking for the tools of science and technology is tempered by the intuitive process she favors — a process which, she reports, sometimes threatens to drive clients used to a more structured architectural procedure around the bend.”[1]

1.Distillations of landscape: sculptures of Maya Lin, Art in America,  Sept, 1998  by Eleanor Heartney

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