William Eggleston- “Egads! Not in color! Dear. Dear.”

William Eggleston

William Eggleston (Click on photo for Slide Show)

“Thirty years ago photography was art if it was black and white. Color pictures were tacky and cheap, the stuff of cigarette ads and snapshot albums. So in 1976, when William Eggleston had a solo show of full-color snapshotlike photographs at the august Museum of Modern Art, critics squawked.”[1]

William Eggleston (born July 27, 1939) in Memphis, Tennessee.

” Eggleston…recalled few fond memories of …school, …”It had a kind of Spartan routine to ‘build character.’ I never knew what that was supposed to mean. It was so callous and dumb. It was the kind of place where it was considered effeminate to like music and painting.” Eggleston was unusual among his peers in eschewing the traditional Southern male pursuits of hunting and sports, in favor of artistic pursuits and observation of the world around him.[2]

William Eggleston Retrospective Slide Show

1. Old South Meets New, in Living Color, New York Times
2. William Eggleston, Wikipedia

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