Guan Zeju – ‘Effort and Single-Minded Focus”


Guan Zeju "Timeless #3: Lingering Melodies" Oil on canvas 46" x 50" 2003

“As a teenager, people called (Guan Zeju) the “painting ox” for his single-minded focus, both in Western and in traditional Chinese modes of expression. Again and again, when he is asked about his experiences, his birth in 1941 in a small village outside of Guangzhou (Canton), his formal and informal education and apprenticeships, he returns to the same word in Mandarin, meaning roughly “effort.””


Guan Zeju "Timeless #5: Procession of the Past (b)" Oil on canvas 36" x 46" 2003

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1 Response to Guan Zeju – ‘Effort and Single-Minded Focus”

  1. jmmnewaov2 says:

    Thanks for these painting by Guan Zeju.

    I have written two articles about his paintings.
    The first focuses on his ballet works.
    You can read it here:

    The other is on some of his more romantic works of art.
    You can read that article here


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